Saturday, 18 January 2014

[RRtK] Army Update

Foranimenagii Army
Since we came home from our Christmas break, I've been working on my Foranimenagii Army for my Orbis Terrarum Campaign. I finished the last unit this afternoon. From left to right, General (on round base), two units of arquebusiers, two units of crossbowmen, five units of Knights, a unit of Pikes, four units of spearmen, five units of crossbowmen.

This army actually needs a couple more units of Pike to finish it off.

And in other news, I picked the figure, below, up off eBay as a Walker for Captain Nemo's Company for In Her Majesty's Name. It's a Light Warjack from Warmachine.

Saturday, 4 January 2014

[RRtK] Family Snapshots

Beastman Army from Microworld Games
Just tidying up after the end of 2013 and thought I would share these photos of my three completed 6mm Fantasy Armies as posted on my website.

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

[RRtK] Campaign: Summer 1012

At the end of Spring 1012 National Morale of all Nations at war was checked.

The Beastmen of the Wildlands were in fine fettle. Their bloodless victory at Mt Gorfang filled them with confidence to continue the war with the Goblins of the Szepetnek Mountains. In spite of losing Mt Gorfang to the Beastmen, the Goblin's victory over Valgasmaa at the Vale of Barzak had inspired them to redouble their efforts to win the war. Meanwhile, the people of Valgasmaa were downcast - National Morale dropped to 2 on the back of news of Duke Grimoald's defeat.

At the beginning of Summer 1012, King Chlodomer of Valgasmaa called up the last of his levies - two units of Foot Men-at-Arms, a unit of Light Horse, and a unit of Arquebusiers. At the same time, Pater Vincenzo Sgro was also recruiting in Foranimenagii with two units of Knights, a unit of City Spearmen and a unit of City Crossbowmen being raised.

With the harvest nearly ready, and news of dissatisfaction reaching him from across the border, Vincenzo Sgro lead his army of 11,500 men north up the Rhime River against Ritteurhof in Valgasmaa. Rumours that the Foranimenagii might be on the march had been the sole reason that King Chlodomer of Valgasmaa had not thrown Duke Grimoald into the Oubliette of the Iron Tower of Steinlah. Leaving him with a fraction of the army he had misused in the mountains to hold off the expected Goblin invasion of Oberlichenwald, King Chlodomer hurried west to engage Vincenzo Sgro.

As expected, King Serogn lead his victorious Goblin Army down into Oberlichenwald, but he had craftily detached Kozurn of Mt Gorfang to defend Mt Hofburg against High Chief Kypselos and his Beastmen. "Beat 'em at Hofburg, and you can march on Gorfang," he had told his restless subordinate as he took the road down onto the grasslands of Oberlichenwald.

It would seem that Summer would be a busy month.