Tuesday, 5 November 2013

[IHMN] The Latest Version of Doctor Cornelius' Most Excellent Company

Before our latest battle, I tweaked Doctor Cornelius' Company slightly.

The good Doctor replaced his Faraday Coat with a Brigandine and his knife with a pistol, principally because I was betting that none of the guys would field Arc weapons, and I needed to boost the Company's fire power.

 I gave Lofty the Hands Like Clubs ability, as used by the Yeti in the IHMN rulebook, as this fits his character of the massive bodyguard. In a previous encounter, he had engaged Lady Felicity, of Lord Curr's Company, in fisticuffs and, once she got over his Terrifying aspect, he discovered that he was barely able to lay a hand on her - a rather embarrassing event for a massive bodyguard.

I decided to get rid of the Minion Medic. In the last encounter he had proved ineffective. Instead, I recruited another member of the Rotten Row Drainers - Shotgun Jack - and gave him a shotgun along with the usual Drainers' Club.

The Company as fielded in the King of the Castle encounter:

Doctor Cornelius' Most Excellent Company
Doctor Edgar Octavian Cornelius92++1+4+1Leadership+2+2 InitiativeBrigandine51
Erudite Wit-1 to enemy SV/FV within 12"Pistol +1SV 9" range, Pluck+0
Martial Arts+1 FV, +1 Speed
Intuitive+3 Armour 1st time shot at
Seamus O'Tipple93++4+4+1Leadership+1+1 InitiativeBrigandine52
GunslingerCan split SV b'tween guns2 x Pistols +1SV 9" range, Pluck+0
Marksman (Pistol)Ignores Target's coverKnife - +1 FV/SV, Pluck +0, 6" range
Lofty94++2+5+1Tough+1 Pluck Rolls vs SV and FVBrigandine52
TerrifyingEnemy must make Pluck to attackHands like Clubs +1FV +0 Pluck
NumbIgnores 1st hit against him
Maxim Destroyevsky94++4+2+0Marksman (Rifle)Ignores Target's CoverBrigandine51
HunterCan select target in groupPistol +1SV 9" range, Pluck+0
FanaticRerolls 1st failed PluckHunting Rifle +4SV 36" range Pluck-2
The Rotten Row Drainers
Club - +1 FV, Pluck - 1
Club - +1 FV, Pluck - 1
Shotgun Jack85++3+3+0Jack18
Club - +1 FV, Pluck - 1
Shotgun +2SV, 12" range Pluck +0/-1

Doctor Cornelius' Most Excellent Company suffered three casualties during the encounter - Coleman, Roger and Shotgun Jack - but they all made their Pluck rolls after the encounter and rejoined the Company. The Company also scored 13 Victory Points - enough to hire another Rotten Row Drainer, or add a couple of rifles, or grenadoes, to the company equipment mix, or perhaps save the VPs until I can recruit another character. Decisions, decisions.

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