Thursday, 20 March 2014

[15mmFantasySkirmish] Some painting progress

In spite of not being able to paint for any length of time, I've managed to get through a number of 15mm Fantasy figures over the last couple of weeks.

Orcs on Fell Beasts - Eureka Miniatures
These three Orcs on Fell Beasts are from Eureka Miniatures - from left to right, Chieftain, trooper, Shaman. The Chieftain has a mouthful of enlarged canines, which haven't come out very clearly, and has three heads attached to his saddle. The Shaman is very similar to the dismounted Shaman from the same range, and seems to be making some sort of arcane gesture. He has a couple of skulls attached to his saddle. The Fell Beasts remind me of large hyenas, or hyaenodons. Excellent figures and I need to get a few more, and some Orcs on foot as dismounted members of the troop.

Skeleton Warriors - HoTT Fantasy from
Skeleton "Horde of the Dead"
Close up on the Skellies
The skeleton warriors from - now rebranded as "Horde of the Dead" in's reorganization - I painted quickly. Black undercoat, cheap white craft paint, Devlin mud wash. Then a dry brush of Screaming Skull and/or Bleached Bone and a final wash of Babadab. The shields were done with watery Vallejo colours to give the appearance of weathering. For basing, a post by Mark on the Winter of '79 blog where he talked about the visual effect of group basing in a skirmish game inspired me to dig out some old Flames of War bases for my skellies. I wanted a sort of "blasted heath" or "cursed Earth" look so went with my usual PVA and sand texture, black undercoat, and then a coat of red/brown craft paint (I'm really starting to like craft paint for covering big areas). I then touched up any large grains of sand with Codex Grey (or whatever it's called these days) and added some gravel from the foot path across the street. Finally, finished things off with some of my "dead" flock.

Wood Elves from Ral Partha Europe's Blight Haven range.

The Wood Elves from Ral Partha Europe's Blight Haven range are a nice selection of personalities for a warband. I played around all my shades of green to make the members of the warband both uniform and individual. The most elaborate paint scheme was for the Mage. Only two of the Elves had shields. I ordered a small selection of Veni Vidi Vici shield transfers from Spirit Games and, when these arrived, I selected the Star and Tower as suitable Wood Elvish badges. These worked very well, I thought.

I'm happy with my initial results. Now to paint some Adventurers.

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