Sunday, 1 November 2015

[15mm Fantasy] Kings of War Battle #1

My friend Jonathan and I had our first battle using the Kings of War rules from Mantic Games tonight.

Of course I forgot to take a camera.

We decided to play a 1000 point game, using 15mm figures, on a 2' x 2' table.

Jonathan opted for an Elvish Army and selected: 1 Hero/Elf King; 1 Elf Spellcaster; 1 Elf Cavalry Regiment; 2 Elf Cavalry Troops; 1 Elf Archer Troop; 1 Elf Regiment of Guard. All his troops were Veterans (which meant that any "to hit" dice that rolled a '1' could be re-rolled.

I opted for an Orc/Evil Men Alliance (where I picked units from several lists), selecting: an Orc Hero; an Orc Spellcaster; a Human Spearman Phalanx Regiment; a Human Knight Regiment; an Ogre regiment; 2 Goblin Archer Troops; a Bugbear Regiment. The Bugbears were statted as a Troll Regiment, but couldn't regenerate.

The Game looked nice and played a lot like a big battle version of DBA or HoTT. Getting the 1st charge often proved decisive. I rather enjoyed the game - my first wargame in over a year - even though I lost. It was quite a near-run thing and could have gone either way into the last turn.

Downsides: IGOUGO can be a little frustrating if you're watching your clock being cleaned. There seems little incentive to take any troop type other than Heavy Cavalry with Thunderous Charge (2). First charge is often decisive.

Upsides: Fast play - we finished the game in under 2 hours, including working out army lists. The magic system is quite fun. Unit special abilities are a fun addition.

I would play again, but I think Jonathan sees it as a "play if nothing else available" - he would like something a little more complex. I would like to try 1000 points on a larger table where you can't line the field wall to wall - forcing manoeuvre tactics and a greater consideration of flanks.

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