Wednesday, 30 October 2013

[RRtK] 6mm Painting Progress

Last week, my first order of 6mm Irregular Miniatures Men of the West figures arrived from Eureka Miniatures in Australia. It took me a little while to work out a basing system I was happy with, but once that was done, the actual painting went pretty quick. 

I ended up using plastic card for the bases and decided to go with a 40mm frontage and a 20mm depth. Generals and heroes are mounted on washers.

Skirmisher Archers are mounted five to a base - 1 strip; Melee Infantry (billmen) are 20 to a base - 4 strips in two rows; Pike are 30 to a base - five strips plus a command strip in three rows; Heavy Cavalry (knights) are eight to a base - 2 strips, although I had to trim some of the strips to fit the 40mm frontage; Skirmisher Crossbowmen are mounted six to base - 1 strip plus a spare pikeman as a standard bearer; Light Cavalry are mounted five to a base - 1 strip.

The General is from the Champions pack which consists of one mounted and three foot Champions. I added a spare Knight as an army standard bearer (I still have to make the standards).

The three pike units look quite impressive when viewed from this angle. I was rather pleased in the amount of detail I was able to catch on this figures, including the archers' hands.

I have another order inbound from Eureka Miniatures to give me more Knights and Melee foot troops, plus some shot. Lined up to paint next are my Goblins from Baccus - though I will need to get some Goblin archers from Irregular/Eureka as Baccus doesn't make Goblin Archers. And after the Goblins in the painting cue, are the exquisite Beastmen from Microworld Games.

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