Monday, 21 October 2013

[RRtK] Small Beginnings

Arkansan, on The Miniatures Page, asked whether gamers developed their own worlds for wargaming. This was a rather synchronistic question as he is planning to run a solo Rally Round the King campaign, as I am, and I am in the process of developing the initial maps for my campaign world.

The consensus amongst the respondents on the TMP thread was to start out small. The danger of trying to map everything before play begins is that you just keep mapping and never get to play. Having done this sort of thing in the past, I concur.

This time, I started doodling around with an abstract "province", or area, map first.The idea was to establish the relationship between various locations before I actually began the more pictorial style map.

Now, I could have just used the map of Talomir from the Rally Round the King book, but where's the fun in that? As I had Men of the West from Irregular Miniatures, Goblins from Baccus, and Beastmen from Microworld all on their way to me, as well as being rather taken with the City States Country type from the rules, that sort of indicated what areas I needed to develop.

The four lower boxes in the map, above, are the four provinces of the Foranimenagii City States (each province contains a city) which stretch along the northern coast of the sea. In 15mm, I have an Italian Condotta Army and have always been interested in Italian History from the Medieval period through to the Renaissance. I therefore decided that the Foranimenagii States are Italian-ish in culture, are trading ports, and have a reasonable technology level.

Inland from the Foranimen Coast lies Valgasmaa (the four red provinces). Valgasmaa - home of the Men of the West - is a unified, late Medieval-type Kingdom. Three of the Valgasmaan provinces lie along a major river that continues south through a Foranimenagii province, before falling into the sea. The eastern province of Valgasmaa is a rolling plain, bounded along its eastern march by another river. A chain of mountains (the green provinces) forms Valgasmaa's northern border. A pass, to the north-east, leads to a transmountain province, but this province is now independent.

The transmountain province became cut off from the southern provinces of Valgasmaa when a tribe of Goblins moved into the mountains. From Mt Gorfang, the Goblins were able to close the pass and this left the transmountain province to fend for itself.

At this point, I have two potential conflicts - Valgasmaa vs the Goblins, to drive them out of the mountains and reopen the pass to the north; and Valgasmaa's march to the sea, a campaign to secure the mouth of the Great River and give Valgasmaa access to the lucrative sea trade.

Now to fill in the details.

Stage one of the actual map, made in Hexographer
Edit: And here's the map with some work done on it:
Now it looks more like the sketch map

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