Sunday, 29 December 2013

[RRtK] Campaign: 1012 Spring

1012 - Spring:
League of Foranimenagii - Prince Vincenzo Sgro secures the continued dominance of the League by the Sgro Familia of Tagliacozzo.

No Heroes are available this season.

The Pyromancer, Adamo the Red, a Level 1 Magic User, offers his services at the Sgro Court in Tagliacozzo, Foranimenagii, and is taken into service by Prince Vincenzo Sgro.

A Level 1 Weatherwitch and a Level 2 Druid, Pharlis Taproot, offer their services in the Beastman city of Jabelitz. High Chief Kypselos takes Pharlis Taproot into service.

Armies are recruited. Both Valgasmaa and Foranimengarii retain spare recruitment rolls, just in case. Wildlands and Szepetnek Mountains use all their recruitment rolls.

Valgasmaa goes to War with Szepetnek Mountains.
Wildlands goes to War with Szepetnek Mountains.

King Chlodomer of Valgasmaa permits Duke Grimoald of Oberlichenwald to launch a raid into the Szepetnek Mountains to overawe the Goblin tribes who have been making a nuisance of themselves. At the head of a thousand Knights and just over six thousand infantry, Duke Grimoald marches on Mt Hofburg.

Meanwhile, High Chief Kyselos of the Wildlands decides that his people need more living space and, at the head of  just over 5000 of his warriors, launches a raid against Mt Gorfang.

King Serogn of the Szepetnek Mountains summons the Goblin tribes to battle near Mt Hofburg. Kozurn of Mt Gorfang reluctantly complies, marching south-eastward and leaving his homesteads to be sacked by the Beastmen. If Serogn fails to defeat the Valgasmaani, then he will probably not remain Goblin King for long.

Just south of Mt Hofburg lies the Vale of Barzak, a narrow passage between forests and outlier foothills of the mountain. As Duke Grimoald marches north, his scouts bring word that the Goblin King has come out to meet him.

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