Sunday, 29 December 2013

[RRtK] Rally Round the King Campaign set up

With some annual leave time for the Christmas season, I decided to start my Rally Round the King campaign. A hard drive failure in the midst of my preparations has delayed things but I have managed to plot the first Spring Move and fight the first battle.

As the continued existence of my expanded campaign map is still in doubt (I need some drive necromancers to have a look at the dodgy hard drive), I have been forced to revert to the earlier map I posted a little while ago.

Map of Orbis Terrarum

To keep a track of people and events, I set up a series of spread sheets:

Province, and Provincial Leaders WR value, spread sheet
This first one records the provinces controlled by each state, who the leader of the province is, and what his War Rating is. Thus, we have five states - the Kingdom of Valgasmaa under King Chlodomer; the Confederation of Foranimenagii under the Primera Familia Sgro of Tagliacozzo; the Wildlands under High Chief Kypselos of Jabelitz; the Goblin Clans of the Szepetnek Mountains under King Serogn of Mt Hofburg; and the Mountain Giants of Jotunheim under King Thrym of Mt Jotun.

Mt Jotun is in the northern mountains, near the white hex - the Rhimebeard Glacier.

As other states are added to the campaign, both the spread sheet, and the campaign map, will expand.

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