Sunday, 24 August 2014

[6mm Science Fiction] A Little More Progress

My head cold has now moved into my chest which has the lovely side effect of making me cough, especially as night draws on and the ambient temperature falls.

With little energy, I have made little progress on my 6mm Science Fiction figures, but they are beginning get there.

Marine bases flocked.
 The first Marine platoon is pretty much complete with bases flocked and tufted. I have added a comm aerial to the command stand (back right) but am still not certain if nylon bristle or fine wire is the best material.

Marine platoon with sanded bases.
 The Second Marine Platoon is now based and has its bases coated with sand.

Two Companies of New Israeli/Imperial Army.
 I've finished cleaning up the last of the GZG New Israeli infantry and mounted them on the painting trays - two Companies ready for painting.

Grav vehicle hulls based
 The hulls of three Grav Tanks and three Grav APCs were mounted on their flight rods. I need to tidy up the edge between the blue underside and the camo upside.

Grav vehicles from a different angle.
I'm quite pleased with the way the bases came out.

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