Friday, 29 August 2014

[6mm Science Fiction] End of the Week Wrap-up

The end of the week and my head cold is finally on the mend. Pretty much finished off the GZG UNSC Marines I've been painting up as Imperial Marines for my Traveller Universe and am now working on the GZG New Israelis who will form my Imperial Unified Army.

With two platoons of Marines, and a short platoon of armour, I can pretty much deploy a Marine Company. I have a command APC, another tank, and 5 other APCs left to finish to bring the Company up to full strength.

Two Platoons of Marine Infantry and a short Platoon of Armour; figures by Ground Zero Games

Platoon of Armour

Each Platoon of Infantry requires four Grav APCs - one more to go.

Marine Infantry Platoon - Command Team and Platoon Weapons Team in the lead.

Infantry Platoon and Armour Platoon 

Marines deploy from their APCs

Command APC deploys Company Command and Company Weapons Team

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