Monday, 3 November 2014

[6mm Science Fiction] Building OPFORs

I haven't made a huge amount of progress this last month - too much real life.

I did manage to complete another three GZG Kivruzh Grav Tanks to add to my Imperial Marine and Unified Army Unit.

While ordering some decals from Scotia Grendel, I picked up eight Large Grav APCs from their 6mm Human Science Fiction range. I decided to use them for my Geithurian Republic Alien Legion force.

The vehicles are hollow-cast, which possibly explains why they are so inexpensive. I ended up putting a ball of DAS inside the body cavity of each vehicle, and then drilling a hole up into the DAS for the mounting peg. I quite like them - there's a vague M113 vibe about them. Each vehicle has a remote weapon mounted on the rear of the upper deck.

The Alien Legion is a Corp-sized mercenary fighting force deployed by the Geithurian Republic.

I have just completed an Alien Legion Platoon in 6mm.

Alien Legionnaires - from left to right: Onslaught Miniatures Sisterhood Minerva Squad; GZG Kra'Vak; GZG Alien Bounty Hunter; Foreground - Onslaught Miniatures Avian Braves.

From Darkest Star Games Ventauran Range, I completed a Tal'hiran tank troop,

and two squads of Zil'hiran Grav APCs. The Ventaurans will be used as Kalar-Wi in my campaign.

The Ventauran, or Kalar-WI, Infantry deploying from their transports.

The Zil'hiran APCs are a lot larger than the "Large" APCs from Scotia. I'm thinking that the Zil'hirans will carry a squad of Kalar-Wi infantry as well as a squad of Kiang sepoys.

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