Tuesday, 30 September 2014

[6mm Science Fiction] Making Haste Slowly

After starting off with a hiss and a roar, my 6mm Science Fiction has become a little bogged down. A head cold that lasted three weeks followed by a huge project at work (not helped by my associate going on leave to Bali for two weeks), plus daylight saving (summer time for you Northern Hemispherians), has eaten up both time and energy.

I have managed to plug on, though, completing all my Ground Zero Games New Israeli Infantry - to do duty as the Imperial Unified Army for my Traveller campaign, as well as completing another eight grav APCs. It looks like I need a few more Marines and Infantry to round out my units, as well as some more grav APCs. I've also sorted out the basing styles for the Kalar-Wi (Ventaurans from Darkest Star Games) and the Geithurian Republican Ground Forces (Mid-Tech Ventaurans from Darkest Star Games or Epic Imperial Guard - if I can locate some more).

Imperial Marine Company with attached Armour (top) and two Imperial Unified Army Companies (bottom) - only one IUA Company is currently mounted. All figures by GZG except for the Marine Command vehicle (center) and Battalion Command vehicle (bottom right) by Irregular Miniatures.

Imperial Unified Army with Marines in support

Imperial Unified Army Infantry (from GZG) with Battalion Command Vehicle (from Irregular Miniatures)

With better lighting, you can see the Infantry unit shoulder flashes

Imperial Unified Army.

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