Saturday, 27 June 2015

[6mm Science Fiction] Imperial Marine Battalion Combat Team Part 2

As thoughts of TO&Es danced in my head, I turned my attention to how the vehicles and infantry I had painted could be "statted up" under my rules-of-choice, Dirtside II from Ground Zero Games. I realized that I could do it by hand, make my own Excel spreadsheet, or stand upon the shoulders of Giants and use this vehicle builder that Javelin98 has on his Dirtside II page - I decided to use Javelin's hard work as the output looks really nice.

For the Imperial Marine Combat Team, the Infantry consist of three Power Armoured (PA) platoons of four squads each, with an attached APSW (Anti-Personal Support Weapon - VRF Gauss Guns in Traveller terms) squad and GMS/L (Light Missile System - TacMissiles in Traveller) squad. A grav APC is assigned per squad.Also attached is a platoon of three Main Battle Grav Tanks and a Scout Platoon of four Medium Grav Tanks. The Headquarters Platoon consists of a Command APC, two MBTs, an ADS (air defence) Grav APC, and a Forward Observer team in a Grav APC. Artillery support is provided by the ships of the Marine Expeditionary Force, coordinated by the Forward Observer team.

The Marine Combat Team is intended to be a fast, hard-hitting, assault force, punching holes that the following Unified Army units exploit.

The Amalsulii Medium Grav Tank is the standard Imperial Grav Tank assigned to Reconnaissance Battalions with both the Imperial Marines and the Imperial Unified Army. An average sized vehicle, the Amalsulii's signature is reduced by advanced form and electronic countermeasures. Primary armament is a Direct Fire Fusion Gun and a co-axial heavy missile launcher.

The Ashiruggurlii Main Battle Tank is the standard Imperial Battle tank assigned to Imperial Marine and Imperial Unified Army armoured battalions. Mounting twin Direct Fire Fusion Guns in the turret, as well as a superior Point Defence System, the Ashiruggurlii is a hard-hitting, well protected, assault platform.

Currently only available in limited numbers, the Ashirugurlii-D is a rearmed Ashirugurlii mounting a single, long range, Direct Fire Fusion Gun. Current Imperial Defence budgets plan to systematically upgrade all Marine and Imperial Unified Army Ashirugurlii Main Battle Tank units to Ashirugurlii-D's over the next 10 years.

The Shrengor family of Grav vehicles are built around the same basic hull type with mission specific equipment loadouts added as required. The Shrengor Grav APC is configured to provide battle field transport for Battledress (PA) Infantry squads and, as such, is heavily used by the Imperial Marines.

The Shrengor-A Grav ADS is armed with a radar/LIDAR guided twin VRF Gauss Gun mount to provide Air Defence support for both Marine and Imperial Unified Army units.

The Shrengor-C Command Vehicle provides a heavily armoured and well armed mobile command center for Battalion Combat Teams on deployment.

Assuming I have done this correctly, then it appears that an Imperial Marine Battalion Combat Team costs about 11,600 points. I notice that I originally only had three vehicles assigned to the MBT platoon. Having painted up a couple more tanks, I now have the option of adding another unit to the platoon for another 398 points - so about 12,000 points all up.

With the Marines pointed up, I am quite curious to see how much a similar sized Imperial Unified Army BCT and a Geithurian Republic/Outworld Alliance cost, points-wise.

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