Wednesday, 8 June 2016

[15mm Fantasy] Orcs and Orcians

Once again, someone has asked the question, "How big are those Orcians from Battle Valor Games?"

Just after I received my first BVG order, I took this shot of a bunch of Orcs in the raw ... metal, that is.
Left to Right: Splintered Light Orc, BVG Orc, Splintered Light Orc Heavy, BVG Orc, Ral Partha 
Demonworld Orc, BVG Orc, Eureka Miniatures Man-Orc, BVG Orc with shield.
Later on, after painting up a unit, I took these pictures:
Splintered Light Orcs - left; BVG Orcians - right

BVG Orcians - left; CP Models Bugbears - right

Eureka Trolls - left; BVG Orcians - right
I also have some Blood Dawn Orcs from Magister Militium which I hope to get comparison shots of with the Orcians in the next day or so.

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