Wednesday, 6 April 2016

[15mm Fantasy] Modelling Log Update

Ruined tower from Magister Militium
While I haven't posted for the last couple of months, progress has continued with my 15mm Fantasy forces for Kings of War.

In late February/early March I came across a new 15mm Fantasy Manufacturer - Battle Valor Games - apparently rising from the ashes of an unsuccessful Kickstarter campaign. BVG has been steadily releasing figures in their Orcian (Orc), Frigian (Northmen) and Dwarian (Dwarves) ranges over the last month. I've picked up several packs of Orcians and Dwarians (I have decided that I will eventually make a Dwarf force and that these will be my Dwarves), and more recently an Orcian catapult and crew, and a Frigian War Mammoth (to be my Orc King's mount).

Left: Orcians, Right: Bugbears (originally Splintered Light, now CP Models).
The Orcians are large creatures, almost troll-like in size. In Kings of War terms, the Orcians would easily fill the role of Greatax Orcs.

The figures themselves are very nice to paint up, and come in a wide variety of equipment and poses - from a 30-figure pack I could find only a couple of identical figures and several in
Left: Splintered Light Orcs; Right: Orcians
similar poses but with different equipment, helmets, etc. Shields are separate, which allows further customization.

Also in February, I completed a number of other units for my Kings of War project, as well as some rather nice skeletons for AD&D. More pictures can be found on my modelling log.

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