Monday, 21 August 2017

[15mm Fantasy/10mm WSS] Painting Log Update for July

Finally updated my Modelling Log for July with some Dwarves and Wood Elves and the first 10mm scale figures I've painted for a War of the Spanish Succession project.

10mm Hesse-Kassel Brigade for the War of the Spanish Succession

There is some debate as to whether the War of the Spanish Succession or the later Seven Years War should be considered the "First World War" as conflicts take place in both the New World and the Old World during this period. We are, initially, planning to use the Black Powder rules from Warlord Games though I'm also keen to give Twilight of the Sun King a try as well.

And, of course, painting up 10mm War of the Spanish Succession figures has got me interested in 10mm Fantasy! Orcs, Ogres and Giants are on the way.

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