Friday, 2 February 2018

[10mm Fantasy] Painting Update August, September, October, November

While it's been several months since I last updated this blog, I have continued to potter away painting 10mm War of the Spanish Succession and, more recently, 10mm Fantasy figures.

Barbarian Warhost - figures from Kallistra, Eureka, Spellcrow
While I love my 15mm Fantasy figures - the level of detail and the shear variety of poses and types - I'm finding myself drawn to 10mm Fantasy and the possibility of huge battles at a reasonable cost. Rules-wise, for Fantasy I'm still looking at Lords and Lands (which I have played and enjoyed), AD&D Battlesystem (which would fit in nicely with our AD&D game - though I would probably modify it to get rid of individual casualty removal), and added to the mix With Sword and Shield (I took part in the playtest and quite liked the rules at that point), Chronicles of Blood (a simple, solo system recently recommended to me), and Battle Valor.

War of the Spanish Succession Brigade - figures from Pendraken and a local sculptor.
For War of the Spanish Succession, we have been using Black Powder from Warlord Games, which gives a fun, quick game. John and I managed to fit in a couple of battles during the Christmas break and are getting the hang of it. 

I have five brigades completed and enough figures to make up a couple more.

More photos here.

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