Tuesday, 27 August 2013

In Which the Blogger Shows Off Some More Figures

I had better luck with lighting and focus when I took some pictures tonight.

Ephraim is a member of the Rotten Row Drainers - a street gang who often provide muscle for Doctor Cornelius' Most Excellent Company. He's from the Irish Brawlers set from Brigade Games.

This is the Invisible Man, being invisible, from the Parroom Victorian Science Fiction range, also available from Brigade Games. The Invisible Man is part of the Extraordinary Personages 3 set. I have shown Doctor Griffith Hugh previously, which is the Invisible Man with his clothes on.

Obidiah is another member of the Rotten Row Drainers, and another member of the Irish Brawlers set from Brigade Games. He is armed with an old hanger or falchion he seems to have picked up in his travels.

From Eureka Miniatures Pirate Range, this chap is the Turkish Pirate Captain. Originally, he was going to be the Turkish Ambassador - one of a number of international figures drawn into the orbit of Doctor Cornelius. After watching a documentary about late Victorian Stage Magicians, I have decided this character is now Swami Yami - Master of the Mystical Mind Arts of the Mysterious East. I have since found that Swami Yami actually exists - on the Internet, anyway.

I follow Scott Pyle's Four Color Figures Blog and recently he announced that he was releasing some Bug Warriors through his little figure company, Aegis Figures. I took one look at the bug warriors and thought "Selenites".

With two head types, and two body types, and eight arm/hand/weapon types, every Selenite can be unique.

I ended up painting the Selenites three different body colours, both for variety and to represent different Selenite castes or nests.

These are great figures and I'm really glad I got them.

And here's a shot to give you an idea as to how large the Selenite/Bug Warriors are in comparison to a standard 28mm figure.

Now, I just have to point them up for In Her Majesty's Name.


  1. I think you just sold a few packs of those Irish Brawlers for them, nice work.

    1. Thanks :) The Irish Brawlers are a great, characterful set. I'll have to put up a group shot.