Thursday, 1 August 2013

In Which the Blogger Plays a Second Game of "In Her Majesty's Name" Part 1

As mentioned in last Sunday's post (which, rather confusingly, was written on the Saturday and referred to events of that evening), we got together for a second game of In Her Majesty's Name. This time, along with Chris and Jonathan, John was able to join us and fielded Lord Curr's Company. Chris fielded the victorious Selous' Scouts, while Jonathan fielded a modified Society of Thule company.

I took Cornelius' Most Excellent Company for a second outing though, this time, with some changes to the roster. Colonel Count Otto von Horsentrappe was absent, while the deadly Russian Anarchist, Maxim Destroyanevsky responded to Doctor Cornelius' call.

Doctor Cornelius' Most Excellent Company
Doctor Edgar Octavian Cornelius8(11)/11(14)2++1+4+1Leadership+2+2 IniativeFaraday Coat (AC11 vs Arc Weapons54
Erudite Wit-1 to enemy SV/FV within 12"Knife - +1 FV/SV, Pluck +0, 6" range
Martial Arts+1 FV, +1 Speed
Intuitive+3 Armour 1st time shot at
Seamus O'Tipple93++4+4+1Leadership+1+1 InitiativeBrigandine52
GunslingerCan split SV b'tween guns2 x Pistols +1SV 9" range, Pluck+0
Marksman (Pistol)Ignores Target's coverKnife - +1 FV/SV, Pluck +0, 6" range
Lofty94++2+5+1Tough+1 Pluck Rolls vs SV and FVBrigandine50
TerrifyingEnemy must make Pluck to attack
NumbIgnores 1st hit against him
Maxim Destroyanevsky94++4+2+0Marksman (Rifle)Ignores Target's CoverBrigandine51
HunterCan select target in groupPistol +1SV 9" range, Pluck+0
FanaticRerolls 1st failed PluckHunting Rifle +4SV 36" range Pluck-2
A Minion95++3+0+0MedicBrigandine16
Pistol +1SV 9" range, Pluck+0
The Rotten Row Drainers
Club - +1 FV, Pluck - 1
Club - +1 FV, Pluck - 1

More to come.

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