Sunday, 23 June 2013

In Which the Blogger Makes Some Painting Progress

Sunday evening, and an opportunity to post an update on my painting progress. While not a huge amount done, I managed to get some fiddly bits completed, which was very satisfying. I also managed to make a start on some clean-up, as well.

The Minions are pretty much done - just need to go around and do a bit of tidy-up. I'm playing around with giving them steel-toed boots but Wikipedia tells me that this type of boot wasn't invented until after World War II.

I haven't got much further with my Okhrana Agent - Feodor Sonovavich - just small touches of colour to his webbing and kit. I need to clean up, and tone down, his moustache and mouth and tidy up the edges of his shoulder harness.

Avanak Efendi is, however, coming along nicely. I seem to have blocked in all the basic colours and I'm starting to get some fiddly bits done, as well.

Here's another angle on Avanak Efendi, this time with Mr O'Tipple. Mr O'Tipple now has a rather fetching green coat, grey trousers, and a dapper red necktie.

And here is a couple of shots of Colonel Count Otto von Horsentrappe. You can see the coloured seam on his jodhpurs, the buttons on his tunic, and his Iron Cross. He now needs a Babadab wash to bring up his eyes and detail on his face and he's pretty much done.

I have been debating slotta bases vs no slotta bases. I only have four figures with slotta bases so I am nerving myself to cutting them free of their slots and mounting all my figures on 30mm Fender washers. This is primarily for safe storage and transport, as I prefer magnetic sheet-lined boxes, but also because I think the company looks better on the same style of base.

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