Friday, 28 June 2013

In Which the Blogger Appears to Have Solved the Slotta Base Dilemma

Not a great deal of painting progress this week as I tried to complete tax forms but I did give some thought to the Slotta Base vs Fender Washer base debate.

Of my current collection of VSF figures, only four (out of nearly a dozen and a half) have slotta bases. I had thought I might buy extra slotta bases so that all my figures would have a similar basing style. Then it struck me that this was a case of the mountain coming to Mo when, in reality, it was actually easier for me to convert the slotta bases to fender washers.

The big plus for me in using fender washers for my figures is that I can store them in magnetic sheet-lined boxes which makes transportation and storage a lot simpler.

And so that was what I did last night. Snippity snip went the sidecutters, and I soon had four base-less figures. I plugged the holes in the fender washers with a bit of tape and then textured with pollyfilla. I tried for a smooth finish for the minions' bases, and then added some gibstopper's tape for the metal plate effect. For the Count and Mr O'Tipple, I tried to mark a cobblestone effect in the pollyfilla. As the pollyfilla was drying, I superglued the figures to their bases.

As of this morning, the joins seems quite strong, so I just need to repair some of my paint work which suffered a little during the slotta removal.

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