Friday, 21 June 2013

In Which the Blogger Receives another Welcome Piece of Mail

A day off work today, and at home watching outliers of the nasty Southerly Storm pass on through with freezing showers and a biting wind. When the sun does come out, it's very nice to drag the laptop into the sun-drenched arm chair and poottle around the internet, while the dogs snore quietly on the couch and the cat dozes in a pool of sunlight.

The mailman braved the blustery breeze on his bicycle, this morning, to drop a couple of packages in the mailbox for me. The first consisted of 15mm Science Fiction figures from a Kickstarter project I supported earlier in the year, and the second contained my second order of Victorian Science Fiction figures - this time, from Brigade Games in the United States.

First up, I can't recommend Brigade Games highly enough. Stockists of a large number of ranges from different companies, it certainly makes shopping for those interesting bits and pieces much easier having them all on one site. I placed my order on 13th June, my order shipped Monday 17th June, and arrived in my mailbox on Friday 21st June.

Pictures of Loot:

The Rotton Row Drainers - a gang of thugs and toughs to provide a bit of muscle for my IHMN team. BG VA01 Irish Brawlers from Brigade Games' own Victorian Age range.

Some more personalities - from Left to Right: Dr Lacklove and Mr Cassidy (Parroom Victorian Science Fiction PSM-VEP005) and Captain Nemo and The Invisible Man (PSM-VEP003). The empty base, in front of the Invisible Man, shows him without his disguise on - there are a pair of human footprints moulded into the ground litter which is rather amusing.

And finally, Nestor Makhno and Fyodo Schuss, Russian Anarchists BG-SIER101, from Brigade Games' Storm in the East Russian Civil War/Pulp range. While technically post-dating our chosen Late Victorian period, their dress and equipment is still, I feel, within the spirit of the period, and they may very well become Okhrana agents.

And here's an update on the current painting projects - still very rough, and requiring tidying up. I'm amazed at what I can get away with when painting 15mm, that just isn't possible with 25/28mm.

The Minions are starting to come together. I need to trim their bases to neaten up the "metal plating" texture, and ensure that the slotta part of the base matches the rest.

I managed to find some good pictures of Prussian Officer uniforms and so Colonel Count Otto von Horsentrappe's uniform is coming along. Avanak Efendi (was Captain Nemo) is progressing. His yellow pantaloons need at least another coat of paint to get a more even finish.

And finally, my Okhrana agent is nearly done, while Mr O'Tipple still needs quite a bit of work. He may end up as the leader of the newly formed Rotton Row Drainers but, as he carries handguns while they're armed with clubs and fists, there is a bit of a mismatch in armements within the group. Or he may end up as the Executive Security Officer for either Captain Nemo or Dr Lacklove.

Next step, aside from painting, is to come up with a coherent story for my company.


  1. What an excellent blog you have got going here old chap!
    Are all these figures really 15mm, they really are rather good. if I didn't have a sack full of free IHMN figures I might consider down-scaling.
    Interesting that you are painting an Okhrana Agent as we will be featuring an Okhrana Company in IHMN2 - Heroes, Villains and Fiends.

    1. Ah, I see the confusion. No, these figures are all 25/28mm. The 15mm figures were a separate order - I tend to paint and game in 15mm usually, and so this excursion into 25/28mm is a bit of a voyage of discovery for me ;)

      Having said that, there are some nice 15mm Victorian Science Fiction figures beginning to appear on the market - supplementing older ranges, such as Black Hat Miniatures Martian range.

      At present, 25/28mm seems to be the scale for VSF.