Saturday, 15 June 2013

In Which the Blogger starts Prepping Some Figures

I opened up my little 28mm order from Eureka Miniatures today, and began to do a bit of prep work on them.

Here's the entire order - Left to Right: Turkish Pirate Captain; WWI Turkish Officer; Seamus O'Toole; Otto von Tannanbaum - Prussian Spy; Front Row: two members of the Victorian Science Fiction Vehicle Crew. The slotta base on the red bottle cap, to right of frame, has had a bit of Plaster's tape glued to the top to texture the base. The idea is that once this is painted up, it will look like ribbed deck plating that a Vehicle Crewman will stand upon.

And after undercoating - the amount of detail begins to stand out.

Close up of the Prussian Spy and the Turkish Pirate Captain. The Prussian is a lovely, cadaverous figure - perfect for a political manipulator and Mastermind. The Pirate Captain will make an ideal Captain Nemo.

The Turkish officer is from Eureka's historical WWI range, and is probably closer to 25mm than 28mm. I intend mounting him on a slotta base to match my other figures, but I think I might pack the base a little to reduce the obvious height difference between him and the other figures. I intend to use the Turkish Officer as a Russian. Seamus O'Toole is actually a gunslinger - he has two pistols holstered at his hips. He will, I think, be an enforcer.


  1. Lot of character packed into those sculpts, look forward to seeing the final product.

    1. I'm very pleased with the figures. Hope the paint job lives up the sculpting ;)