Wednesday, 31 July 2013

In Which the Blogger Recruits Some Selenites

Scott is a prolific painter, and rules writer - being part of the creative team behind The Department and the developer of the GoalSystem rules. His blog, Four Color Figures, is well worth following for painting ideas.

As a sideline, Scott also runs Aegis Figures, a boutique figure production company. Recently, he mentioned that he had more Bug Warriors in stock. I took one look at them and thought "Selenites!"

I ordered a couple of packs of Bug Warriors/Selenites last week, and they arrived today. The following pictures are, literally, straight out of the packet:

Bug Warrior/Selenite bodies - two basic poses. There is quite a bit of surface detail - straps and belts.

Showing the arm holes - nice, deep holes that the arms plug into. Clean casts and will give the arms a lot of support.

Assorted arms and heads. The heads come with either mandibles open or mandibles closed. There are five right arms and four left arms, with a variety of primitive weapons as well as a grasping hand (separate torch supplied) and a closed fist. Plenty of combinations possible across the two body types.

And I picked up a pack of ganger heads - lots of goggles, a couple of breather masks, as well as a hooded head. The painted examples on Scott's blog show the detail better, but they are clean sculpts with lots of potential. The heads come with neck lugs, so will drop into a pilot hole nicely.

Drop Scott an email through his blog if you need further details. I'm looking forward to painting these up.


  1. I like the Selenites. I have been meaning to put some Luna figures together for a while. Imight have to pick up one or two of those...

    1. The Scheltrum Selenites are more insect-like than Scott's, while the Ironclad Miniatures Selenites only have four limbs. In my opinion, Scott's Selenites both look the best and are the most flexible.