Monday, 1 July 2013

In Which the Blogger Makes Little Progress But Finds Some Fun Stuff

The remodeled bases are coming along - I'll post pictures in a day or so. Those of the Minions were relatively straightforward, being metallic grey grids, but I'm not completely done with the bases of Count Otto von Horsentrappe and Mr O'Tipple. Rather than painting them slate grey, I went for a more brick-like look. Undercoating in black, I then painted the bases orange. This was followed by a wash of Japanese Khaki, a little touch of grey on the edges, and then a wash of Babadab - especially in the cracks.

The base effect is moving in the direction of mossy brick, or horse-pukky brick, which was what I was aiming for. Still needs a little work, though.

A slow day at work today meant that I was able to spend some time wandering around the Interwebz. Fascinated by some of the more unusual personal names that were popular in the late Nineteenth Century, I found a couple of useful lists while using "Victorian Names" as a search trigger. I also found a couple of fun random word generators, Serendipity and Victorian & Steampunk Name Generator - the Victorian & Steampunk Name Generator does pretty much what it says on the tin, while Serendipity has a whole slew of random generators. There are others out there, but I quite like these two.


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