Thursday, 18 July 2013

In Which the Blogger Completes Some Figures

Dr Edgar Octavian Cornelius -
Evil Genius' for a Better Tomorrow
I finally finished up a few figures for Victorian Science Fiction gaming and can now begin detailing my Company for In Her Majesty's Name.

Tentatively, my company is either known as Doctor Cornelius' Company, or Evil Genius' for a Better Tomorrow - a name created by Loren Wiseman but which I've always liked.

Firstly, Doctor Edgar Octavian Cornelius - also known as the Duke of Deviousness, the Midget Mastermind of Marylebone, and the Crown Prince of Crime. With twice the brain power, and half the size, of a normal man, Doctor Cornelius craves power and respect within the society that has mocked his diminutive stature and rejected his aspirations.

- Dr Cornelius' Man

Lofty is Doctor Cornelius' Man, his faithful retainer and Majordomo. Immensely tall and strong, Lofty is a man of few words.

Seamus O'Tipple
- Master Gunslinger
Seamus O'Tipple spent time in the South African Gold Fields. While there, he discovered that working security was more lucrative than attempting to scrabble a living out of the pits. A crack shot, he is currently working as Doctor Cornelius' Head of Security.

Colonel Count Otto von Horsentrappe
- the Prussian Attache
Behind every Evil Genius lurks his mysterious backers. Colonel Count Otto von Horsentrappe, the Prussian Attache, is ever alert for opportunities to advance the interests of Prussia while hindering those of the other powers, such as Great Britain.

In Doctor Cornelius, the Prussian Imperial Ministry believes it has found a weapon to aim at the heart of Great Britain, while Doctor Cornelius sees the Prussians as useful dupes in his cunning plans.

Feodor  Sonovavich
- Agent of the Okhrana
Doctor Cornelius is not a man to keep all his eggs in one basket, even if he believes that an omelette requires the breaking of some eggs. While Colonel Count Otto von Horsentrappe has his uses, just recently Doctor Cornelius has been in discussions with Agent Feodor Sonavavich of the dreaded Tsarist Okhrana.

When forced together in social, and other, occasions, Count Otto and Agent Sonovavich tend to approach each other like two tomcats in an alley. Doctor Cornelius can keep them in check, but their mutual cooperation is rather reluctant.

A Minion
Another Minion
Beyond and beneath the personalities of the Company are the people who actually get the job done - the Minions. Faceless, numberless, they have the thankless task of carrying out the bidding of their betters.

Coleman and Roger
- two members of the Rotten Row Drainers
Sometimes, an Evil Genius just needs some muscle to take care of business. Fortunately for Doctor Cornelius, Mr Seamus O'Tipple is a useful person to have around when muscle needs to be recruited. The notorious Rotten Row Drainers are an East End street gang, and Coleman and Roger are two of their heavy hitters.

Doctor Cornelius and his Company

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