Sunday, 21 July 2013

In Which the Blogger Plays His First Game of "In Her Majesty's Name" Pt1

Jonathan, Chris, and I got together on Saturday evening for our first game of In Her Majesty's Name. Jonathan fielded his Society of Thule Company, while Chris fielded his Selous' Scouts - loosely based on Lord Curr's Company. I fielded Doctor Cornelius' Most Excellent Company.

Jonathan suggested we play the railway yard encounter. With some track, carriages and an engine borrowed from his daughter, we set up the table. The idea was that the wagons and engine would each move 1d10 inches along the track each turn, with a 10" off-table loop joining the sections of track together.

Below, is my Company list, and one of the first things I discovered as we deployed was that I had made a fatal error. While my Company was good in a close-in fight, I lacked any sort of ranged weapons. An account of the skirmish is to come.

Doctor Cornelius' Most Excellent Company    
 ACPluckSVFVSpeedTalents   EquipmentPoints
Doctor Edgar Octavian Cornelius8(11)/11(14)2++1+4+1Leadership+2 +2 Iniative Faraday Coat (AC11 vs Arc Weapons54
      Erudite Wit -1 to enemy SV/FV within 12" Knife - +1 FV/SV, Pluck +0, 6" range 
      Martial Arts +1 FV, +1 Speed   
      Intuitive +3 Armour 1st time shot at   
Seamus O'Tipple93++4+4+1Leadership+1 +1 Initiative Brigandine52
      Gunslinger Can split SV b'tween guns 2 x Pistols +1SV 9" range, Pluck+0 
      Marksman (Pistol) Ignores Target's cover Knife - +1 FV/SV, Pluck +0, 6" range 
Lofty94++2+5+1Tough +1 Pluck Rolls vs SV and FV Brigandine50
      Terrifying Enemy must make Pluck to attack   
      Numb Ignores 1st hit against him   
Colonel Count Otto von Horsentrappe94++4+3+1Duellist +2 SV vs Single Opponent Brigandine46
      Fearless Ignores Terrifying Opponent Pistol +1SV 9" range, Pluck+0 
      Impervious Unaffected by Mystical Powers Knife - +1 FV/SV, Pluck +0, 6" range 
A Minion95++3+2+0Medic   Brigandine18
          Pistol +1SV 9" range, Pluck+0 
The Rotten Row Drainers          
Coleman85++3+3+0    Jack16
          Club - +1 FV, Pluck - 1 
          Large Knife - +1 FV, Pluck -1 
Roger85++3+3+0    Jack16
          Club - +1 FV, Pluck - 1 
          Large Knife - +1 FV, Pluck -1 

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  1. So run, a lot, and make best use of the available cover. Summon up the devil in your blood man!
    I shall look forwards to your opinion of the rules, and the outcome of this escapade.