Saturday, 6 July 2013

In Which the Blogger Makes a Little More Progress

A combination of events, some of them nice and some of them ... nasty, conspired to prevent either progress or pictures for my last update, and the week that has just past. By adopting a strategy of "a little bit each day", rather than freaking out completely, I do find myself making progress amongst the ennui and distractions.

Wide shot of the figures, to date. You can see my revised basing style with 30mm fender washers giving both stability to the figures, and a means to keep them safe in storage when placed upon magnetic sheet.

From right to left - the bare washer; washer with pollyfilla coating, textured to look like cobbles, and then undercoated; drybrushed with GW Blazing Orange, a second wash with Vallejo Japanese Khaki, then a wash of GW Babadab.

And here is Colonel Count Otto von Horsentrappe. He is one of my slotta base conversions. I removed the base and the slotta with sidecutters, glued Count Otto to the base and then textured the base with pollyfilla.

Another view of the group. The diminutive gentleman, behind and to the right of Count Otto, is the nefarious Doctor Cornelius - more on him, later.

The Irish-American gunslinger, Mr O'Tipple, and two Minions.

And some other members of the company.

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