Sunday, 7 July 2013

In Which the Blogger Considers the Meridian VSF Kickstarter

Much to my delight, the Meridian Miniatures Kickstarter was successfully funded. I really liked the look and flexibility of the greens, as posted, and in particular the different looks that could be created by the different head types.

I decided that I preferred the great-coat wearing bodies as I wanted to be able to create sinister minions, or perhaps Russian Special Forces.

As my Kickstarter support level grants me two six-man squads, I have decided that I like the look of both the Skirmishers and the Firing Line sets. I'm thinking of mixing the two sets of poses together, which will give me a nice selection of poses for my skirmish teams.

I decided to stretch my budget to include a sprue of Arc-rifles because they look so cool.

Half of the soldiers will have these slightly sinister Minion heads (No. 20), while Head No. 34 will probably be the head of choice for my Russian Special Forces.

Completion date for this project is set for September - I'm really looking forward to getting these figures.


  1. I signed on for a couple, also to be sinister minions. Greatcoats are a must, but still dithering over which heads to select.

    1. Yeah, some of the heads look so-so in the photos of the greens, yet look fantastic when painted. Think I'll be getting some others once they're on general release.