Sunday, 28 July 2013

In Which the Blogger Finishes Some More Painting

Just in time, I have completed another four figures for my Company, and one will get his first outing tonight!
Maxim Destroyanevsky - Anarchist
During our first game of In Her Majesty's Name I discovered that Doctor Cornelius' Most Excellent Company lacked long ranged weapons. This proved rather crucial in the rather cover-free Railway Yards. While I have some rifle-armed troops coming from Meridian Miniatures, they are part of the Kickstarter project and won't be available until September.

Fortunately, one of the two Anarchists I got from Brigade Games' own Storm in the East range is armed with a very servicable rifle, and he became the Anarchist, Maxim Destroyanevsky (and a pun on the name of a Russian broadcast engineer I worked with).
Olga Petronova - Officer of the Okhrana
The second member of the Anarchist pack looks slightly feminine to me, and her uniform looks more para-military, so I decided that she would be Olga Petronova, an Officer of the Okhrana.

Doctor Griffith Hugh - Chemist 
Doctor Griffith Hugh (or Doctor Hugh - I'm having a bit of a punny day) is a chemist, and an ally of Doctor Cornelius. Unfortunately for Doctor Hugh, a chemical compound he was working on has rendered his body completely transparent to light. Forced to cover his face in bandages to hide his affliction, if Hugh disrobes, he vanishes from view.

Prince Dekkan
Less well known than Prince Dakkar, Prince Dekkan dislikes the Imperial British presence in his homeland intensely. From a secret base in the South Sea, he roams the globe in his Zeppelin, raiding Imperial targets and taking what he needs to continue his struggle.

Both of these last two figures are from Brigade Models' Parroom Station range.

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