Tuesday, 23 July 2013

In Which the Blogger Plays His First Game of "In Her Majesty's Name" Pt2

The encounter took place in a rail yard. Three companies; Selous' Scouts, the Society of Thule, and Cornelius' Company, had heard that three crates of advanced mechanical technology had been left in the rail yard. As the battle commenced, Selous' Scouts entered the railyard from the East, while Cornelius' Company entered from the North. The Society of Thule came on from the South-West.

Selous' Scouts head into action
As Selous' Scouts moved around the south-eastern side of the Fabrication Building, Selous sent his machinegunner up on the roof to cover the center of the railyard. Meanwhile, a couple of Jaeger and Dr Kobalt moved along the western end of the Lloyd Morrison Plant while Von Stroheim, Kreig and a Jaeger moved past the west side of the crane.

At the northern end of the railyard, Cornelius' Company moved around the eastern end of Engine Shed #5, while Colonel Count Otto von Horsentrappe cut across the railway tracks towards the Fabrication Building.

Doctor Cornelius, Lofty and a Minion look east towards
the Fabrication Plant

Lacking long range fire arms, Cornelius' Company had to rely on any speed advantages they had to close the distance with their opponents.

Colonel Count von Horsentrappe and
the rest of Cornelius' Company advance

As Count Otto crossed the second rail line, Selous' Scouts moved into the open.

Selous' Scouts move into view

It wasn't Count Otto's day, and he was soon out of the fight.

Cornelius' Company head south-west around
the Engine Shed. 

While the Scouts secured the eastern crate of mechanical technology, the Thule Society moved in on the crate, just north of the crane. Meanwhile, the rest of Cornelius' Company made a dash towards the third crate, near the Engine shed.

Krieg reached the crate first but before he could secure it, Coleman moved to engage him. As the rest of the company bore down on Krieg, and began taking fire from Selous' Scouts, O'Tipple stepped forward and planted Krieg with a single shot.

Across the yard, the Jaegers beside the Lloyd Morrison Plant were coming under heavy fire from the Scouts. Dr Kobalt dropped back along the track as men began to fall. As his Arc Generator kicked into action, their Revivifiers activated and they rose again as Tod-truppen.

The machinegun and the hunting rifles of the Scouts were soon wrecking havoc amongst both the Thulians and Cornelius' Company, and the demise of Dr Kobalt and his Arc Generator deprived the tod-truppen of their motivation. As Doctor Cornelius made a dash for the central crate of technology, a shot from one of Selous' marksmen put him out of the fight as well.

Seamus O'Tipple and Lofty confront Von Stroheim

Finally, O'Tipple and Lofty cornered Von Stroheim and a crate of technology behind a large mechanical crane. Lofty's ferocity was batted aside by the fearless Von Stroheim, but O'Tipple brought him down with a well placed shot.

Retrieving the crate, Lofty and O'Tipple made a dash under cover along the western side of the Engine Shed as Selous' Scouts moved to cut off their escape. As the machinegunner missed his shot, O'Tipple stepped out of cover and engaged two of Selous' men, as Lofty bolted for the exit. Missing both shots, O'Tipple was gunned down, while Lofty shrugged off a rain of bullets to make his escape.

So, a convincing win to Chris as his Selous' Scouts stuck to the plan, secured two crates of technology, accounted for all bar one of the Society of Thule, and all bar one of Cornelius' Company - for no loss. I managed to retrieve a little honour by having Lofty escape with one box of technology, but was badly equipped for a long range gunfight. I also should have remained in cover and come down the western side of the Engine Shed to engage the Society of Thule at close quarters. Jonathan also learnt a harsh lesson - by dividing his force, and allowing his Arc generators to get too far apart, he could not take advantage of his Company's tod-truppen and was taken out piece meal.

In Her Majesty's Name is fast, furious fun, but we are thinking of including the option for "Honourable Surrender" where the victor gets half-victory points for all surrendered figures, but the loser gets to prevent his Company being massacred.

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